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Inside magicplan

What's new in version 9


magicplan has come a long way, and what started as a floor plan app in 2011 is now a fully integrated sketching, reporting, and estimating software. But let's keep it short and get right to it. Without further ado, we are proud to say that with magicplan version 9 (along with a brand-new logo!!!) we are releasing:

  • improved AR Room Scan
  • new Estimator
  • new magicplan Cloud
  • new Custom Forms feature
  • new Workspaces and Teams concept
  • design updates

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Improved AR Room Scan

AR_ScanLet us introduce the new and improved AR Scan for iOS devices: All you have to do is move your camera and magicplan will do the rest – no need to tap any buttons. Corners, windows, and doors will be detected automatically. This is especially handy when a corner is visually obstructed.

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New Estimator

Estimate-AppThe Estimator has a brand new design and tons of features that make it easier and faster to create estimates. Items and modules can be created on the fly and a new editor lets you define partial application areas.

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New magicplan Cloud

magicplan CloudWith magicplan version 9 we are re-launching the magicplan Cloud. You will find all existing features plus some new ones such as Custom Forms and Workspace management. The new Cloud  doesn't just look great, it's really fast.

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New Custom Forms Feature

Custom FormsCustom Forms are an easy way to create templates for your inspection and reporting process. Create the template in the Cloud and publish to the magicplan App to apply and share with your Workspace and Team members.

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New Workspaces and Teams Concept

Workspaces and Teams enable transparent user and project management. User permissions let you control who has access to projects, Price Lists, and Custom Forms.

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