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Inside magicplan

Scanning a room with magicplan: a touch-less experience

If we had to choose one feature we are particularly proud of, we would pick the new and improved AR Room Scan. magicplan has been spearheading innovative technologies on mobile applications since 2011. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality offer enormous potential for time- and cost-saving.
Today scanning a room with magicplan is truly a touch-less experience. All you need to do is move your camera and magicplan will do the rest - there's no need to tap any buttons.


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The app will automatically detect and add corners of a room – even if they are fully obstructed. All of this thanks to the corner detection feature powered by artificial intelligence. Windows and doors can also be detected just by aiming at them with your smartphone.
Tip: With our new LiDAR Scanner feature based on Apple's new technology, you can now scan and sketch a room, even a fully furnished apartment, with more accuracy. 

What’s coming


Automatic corner detection is the second magicplan feature powered by artificial intelligence. When we started developing these features, we had the vision that magicplan would be able to automatically detect any element of a room. Creating a complete digital twin of a space would be a matter of seconds. And all of this running on a smartphone.

Our latest release brings this vision one step closer to becoming a reality. In future releases, we will be adding more and more objects that can be detected. You can expect to see detection capabilities for outlets, radiators, and even furniture coming soon.


Free whitepaper: How to reduce job estimating time by over 30% using accurate AR room scanning

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