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Quick Tips and Tricks For Sketch Users

sketchSome of you may recognize me from some of the services that I provide our customers on a day-to-day basis. I previously worked with our wonderful Customer Success Team and now am our Presales & Application Engineering Manager. What does that mean to you? I have extensive experience working with customers from all different types of backgrounds and all different types of use cases. Hopefully you find this experience helpful as I review some of our Tips and Tricks for the different subscription tiers!

For Sketch Users

Our Sketch license is the “bread and butter” of magicplan. What do I mean by that? Having a Sketch license will give users access to some of the fundamental features of magicplan. Creating a floor plan, adding objects to said floor plan, and even creating exports of your work is all possible with a Sketch License. In my experience working with customers though, I have found that there are a handful of tips and tricks that our most successful customers are utilizing.

Utilizing Bluetooth Lasers

My first tip is a super straightforward recommendation. magicplan has tremendous accuracy when using our built-in scanning feature. In a professional environment though, we see that our most successful customers always have a Bluetooth laser handy to make quick, on-the-fly adjustments to their floor plans and ensure the most pinpoint accuracy possible.

Understanding Details Section

Every section (project level, floor level, room level, etc.) in magicplan has a similar Details User Interface. However, not every single section has the same fields that can be adjusted. Strong users of magicplan have often familiarized themselves with the different fields available. For instance, in floor details you can define wall thickness and ceiling height for the entire floor. Whereas in the room details you can define the color of the room. These key little details are both time savers and boost the quality of your project’s exports!

Custom Objects

At magicplan we strive to have the most complete object library available for our users as possible. That being said, we understand that there are going to be industries or customers that have specific object needs that go beyond what we have readily available in our application. Not only can you create your own objects in magicplan, you can also contact your Sales or Account Management resource and have magicplan build out these objects for you! This allows you to have exactly what you need in magicplan with little to no additional effort!

Stay Tuned for Our Report and Estimate Tips

Of course, the list of helpful tips goes even further and expands into other subscription tiers as well. Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming articles surrounding Report and Estimate Tips and Tricks. We hope you find these helpful and take full advantage of them. We would love to hear your feedback on this and encourage you to reach out to our Success Team with any comments you may have.

- Ben

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