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5 Ways to Optimize Your Productivity as an Independent Claims Adjuster

Claims adjuster shaking hand with stakeholder increasing productivityIf you are an independent adjuster, your job is often challenging, time-consuming and fast-paced. You may even feel overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of responsibilities. But if you want to take on more claims or achieve better work-life balance, you’ll need to focus on making productivity a priority. Below, we’ve listed five practical ways you can make that happen.

1. Work on Your Claims Workflow

Consider these two different approaches for workflow improvement, and then select the one that appeals to you the most.

A. Develop a Systematic Workflow Checklist

Claims processing is a complex process that requires multiple steps. Using a standard checklist for every new claim you are assigned is a systemized way to keep track of the critical tasks you must complete:

  • It will ensure that you use a consistent approach for claims of all sizes.
  • It will help you work faster, as opposed to wasting time trying to remember each step as you go.
  • And it will also help you avoid missing any steps, so that you don’t have to spend hours backtracking and making corrections.

Helpful Tip: Post your checklist on a wall in your office and also have printed copies on hand, so you can grab one and attach it to a clipboard at a moment’s notice. Or carry your master checklist with you on a mobile device, and then create a copy of that list for each new claim you are assigned.

B. Automate Your Workflow with Claim-Oriented Software

Various kinds of independent adjuster software programs are available for purchase. Search for “claims management software” or “claims adjustment software” or “claims processing software” online, and explore the different options that pop up in your search results. Then choose the one that best fits your working style, requirements and budget.

Good to Know: According to – a technology marketplace that aggregates user reviews of business software – "Quality of Support" and "Ease of Use" are the top two factors that positively impact user satisfaction for insurance claims management software products.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks on a Daily Basis

Creating and using a daily to-do list will help you set goals, determine what you need to accomplish, and stay focused during working hours. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Every day, create a task list by writing out exactly what steps you need to complete for each active claim that day.
  • Then shuffle around those tasks into high-priority, medium-priority and low-priority groupings.
  • Start off the day by tackling your high-priority responsibilities first.
  • Then move on to your medium-priority and low-priority tasks.
  • Check off only the tasks you actually completed.
  • If you are unable to complete any tasks, bump those to your to-do list for the following day.

Over time, you will gain a better sense of just how much you can accomplish in a single workday.

3. Sharpen Your Time-Management Skills

The act of juggling multiple claims simultaneously will be a common occurrence – which means you’ll often be pulled in multiple directions. So, it’s essential to have excellent time-management skills. Here are some important things you can do to make the most of your valuable working hours:

  • Block out specific times during each day to answer voicemails, text messages and emails, in order to minimize workflow interruptions.
  • Batch any appointments and work errands that you can complete in one general geographic area, to save both time and gas.
  • Fine-tune your travel routes to avoid periods of traffic congestion and bypass roadways under construction.
  • If you have to spend time working in a hotel room, put the Do-Not-Disturb sign on the outside of your room door.
  • Try to focus on one task at a time instead of constantly multitasking.
  • Put off personal tasks until later in the day, after you check off your work-related to-do list.

4. Stay Organized While Traveling

Your vehicle serves as your second office. So, keeping it clean and neatly organized will help you maximize your time:

  • Purchase a large bag or trunk organizer to hold all the gear you may need in the field: a laser measuring device, work boots, gloves, etc.
  • Organize paper documents in file folders or binders, and carry extra folders or binders so you’re able to add more paperwork.

5. Manage Some Workflow Steps with Digital Apps

Making use of digital tools whenever possible will help you save time and feel more in control. Check out these four efficient options:

Use a Scheduling App to Line Up Property Inspections

Scheduling multiple inspections in a timely, organized manner can have a huge effect on your productivity and your work-life balance. A handy scheduling app will make that process a whole lot easier.

Use Digital Navigation to Get to Inspection Sites Faster

Do you ever rely on your instincts to find a property-loss site, but end up lost and feeling frustrated? From now on, use an automated navigation app instead to determine accurate routes to follow. That way you won’t waste time hunting down your destinations.

Use Digital Dictation to Capture Your Thoughts Quickly

As you walk through an inspection, record your thoughts with a digital recorder or a digital dictation app. Then convert your recording into a written document quickly with speech-to-text transcription software.

Use a Digital Floor Plan App to Create Residential Claim-Site Sketches

The traditional method involves working with paper and a writing instrument. But using a floor plan app on your mobile device is so much easier and faster. It’s an ideal tool for documenting property damages quickly. Plus, a high-quality floor plan app will also allow you to develop and share structured reports complete with sketches, photos and notes.

LEARN MORE: The fastest way for claims professionals to export sketch plans directly into Xactimate®.


Your time is valuable, so you want to optimize how you operate as an independent claims adjuster. By putting some or all of the above ideas into action, you can boost your productivity and work smarter instead of harder!


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