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Clean Claims and magicplan forge groundbreaking partnership to simplify restoration processes

magicplan and Clean Claims teams new integration partnership Salt Lake City, April 10, 2024 – In a move set to transform the landscape of the restoration industry, magicplan, the leading provider of real-time sketching and documentation technology, has partnered with Clean Claims, a cutting-edge field service documentation and remote monitoring software tailored for unparalleled job accuracy. This collaboration is poised to elevate and simplify restoration processes by merging the best sketching, documentation, and monitoring technologies.

Clean Claims is celebrated for its robust capabilities in ensuring 100% job accuracy in the restoration sector, making it an essential tool for professionals seeking precision and reliability. Integrating magicplan's industry-leading sketching and field documentation technology promises a seamless workflow that enhances service delivery and operational efficiency.

This partnership will enable restoration professionals to leverage the strengths of both platforms, significantly reducing the time required for on-site documentation and process monitoring. Traditional software solutions could take hours or even days to process sketches and measurements. Thanks to the seamless integration between magicplan and Clean Claims, these essential tasks can be accomplished in minutes, setting a new benchmark for speed and efficiency in the industry.

Lane Larsen, President of Clean Claims, shares his perspective on the partnership: “Integrating magicplan's innovative technology with Clean Claims' precise monitoring and documentation capabilities is truly transformative for our customers. This collaboration enhances on-site efficiency and significantly speeds up the entire documentation process. Our users can now complete all on-site tasks swiftly, allowing them to lead the industry in performance and operational excellence.”

Echoing the sentiment, Andreas Böhm, CEO of magicplan, emphasizes the partnership's shared vision and mutual benefits: “Every minute saved on the job is invaluable. This collaboration with Clean Claims is a milestone for us, aligning with our mission to bring transparency and efficiency to the restoration industry. By combining our technologies, we can offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire documentation and monitoring workflow.”

The partnership between magicplan and Clean Claims is a testament to both companies' shared commitment to innovation. By bringing together two leading solutions, this collaboration is set to redefine industry standards, offering restoration professionals a powerful tool that simplifies their workflow, enhances accuracy, and accelerates service delivery.


About magicplan:

magicplan is at the forefront of real-time sketching and documentation technology. Its advanced platform, featuring mobile applications and cloud software services, has redefined the process of scoping and documenting claims, establishing a new benchmark in the industry.


About Clean Claims:

Clean Claims is a pioneering restoration field service documentation and remote monitoring software designed for 100% job accuracy. Built with the needs of the restoration industry at its core, Clean Claims offers unparalleled precision, reliability, and ease of use, streamlining the restoration process from start to finish.


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