New AR Room Scan with LiDAR: magicplan version 9.1

Bernd Wolfram
Bernd Wolfram
Oct 19, 2020 | 1 minute read

We're excited to announce that with magicplan version 9.1 (iOS), we now support LiDAR! This technology – available on iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro – makes scanning rooms even easier.


Apple's powerful LiDAR sensor allows the creation of accurate 3D visualizations in the form of a dense "point cloud," consisting of all the distance points collected and providing valuable information about the respective space. Read more about LiDAR technology in our blog post "Why Apple’s LiDAR Scanner Opens Up a Brave New World of Indoor Mapping".

For you, this means scanning rooms just became ridiculously easy and fast. magicplan will automatically detect the ceiling height, walls, corners, windows, and doors. If you have a device equipped with a LiDAR sensor, download the latest version of magicplan and give it a try right now.


More improvements in version 9.1

  • New camera interface
  • Improvement of photo design in export
  • Option to hide annotations in Sketch PDF
  • Bug fixes and improvements



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