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6 Strategies for Recruiting Young Pros to Fill Claims Adjuster Roles

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As many older, experienced adjusters retire from the workforce, insurers face a critical task: They must find young professionals to fill those important roles. So, we created this guide, which explains six strategies for identifying and recruiting top young talent. If you are an HR professional, hiring manager or executive who works in the insurance field, you’re sure to find some great tips here!

 1. Identify and Look for Desirable Character Traits

When seeking out young talent, it's essential to prioritize character traits that align with the demands of a staff adjuster role. Some of the most coveted traits for this profession include adaptability, empathy, inquisitiveness, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, an analytical mindset, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Assessing candidates for these and other key qualities through behavioral interviews, scenario-based assessments, and reference checks can provide valuable insights into their suitability for the role.

 2. Promote Openings in a Way That Resonates with Young Talent

While reaching the right individuals is important, you will also need to showcase the value and benefits of claims adjuster jobs in today’s competitive market. For example, when drafting claims adjuster job descriptions, you can do the following: 

  • Emphasize each position’s impact on your organization and the customers it serves.
  • Describe desired personality traits and skills, rather than just dryly listing necessary education and experience qualifications.
  • Mention aspects of your organization that make it a great workplace where individuals can succeed.
  • Offer flexible scheduling and remote-work arrangements.

Also, determine how you can enhance the careers section of your company’s website to make it more engaging. One suggestion is to highlight and quote young professionals who are already a part of your insurance claims adjuster staff. You can do this by displaying their photos and job-satisfaction testimonials to further resonate with potential new hires.

DID YOU KNOW: The 2024 Q1 Insurance Labor Market Study conducted by The Jacobson Group states that “roles in claims are considered moderate or difficult to fill.” And it mentions that “recruitment will still be a challenge for the industry throughout 2024.” Those are valid reasons for refining how you promote open claims adjuster positions.

 3. Actively Recruit Military Veterans

Military veterans possess a unique skill set that often translates seamlessly into the role of an insurance adjuster. Their training instills discipline, adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and a strong work ethic — all qualities that are highly desirable in this line of work.

You can recruit veterans on a regular basis by attending job fairs targeted toward veterans, partnering with respected organizations and government entities that support veteran employment, and launching veteran-specific hiring initiatives. By tapping into this exceptional talent pool, you can enhance your workforce and support those who have served their country. 

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 4. Use Diversified Recruitment Strategies

Relying solely on traditional recruitment methods may limit your pool of potential candidates. To cast a wider net, you can also use other types of strategies. These may include leveraging social media platforms, collaborating with university job-placement programs, and becoming actively involved with organizations that target young professionals. You can also sweeten an entry-level claims adjuster salary with attractive perks, such as tuition assistance, a free gym membership, and paid time off. These tactics can help you connect with a wider array of talent and enhance your recruitment efforts.

5. Entice Top Talent with Helpful Training and Tools

Investing in the professional development of every claims adjuster trainee is not only beneficial for the individual, it is also beneficial for your organization as a whole. Plus, you can promote ‘professional development’ as an attractive job perk when recruiting young talent. For example, adjuster candidates may appreciate hearing they will gain access to specialized insurance adjuster training, mentorship programs, workshops, and certification courses after being hired. Be sure to emphasize how these continuous-learning offerings can empower them to sharpen their skills and stay abreast of industry advancements. 

You can also make a strong impression by stating that your company equips new adjusters with user-friendly technology tools and software solutions that will make their job easier and more enjoyable.

For example, if your company provides modern mobile devices preloaded with the magicplan floor plan app, any young property adjuster can use this app to visualize, document and assess residential and commercial property losses. It allows them to sketch floor plans, add detailed notes, capture photos and 360-degree images, and generate comprehensive reports – even if they’re at a site with no Internet access. The app also integrates seamlessly with major estimating platforms such as Xactimate and CoreLogic. Bottom line: A tool like this is a great way to enhance young adjusters’ job satisfaction, while also enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency when they handle claims!

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 6. Simplify the Application Process

A streamlined and user-friendly application process can significantly boost your ability to attract qualified candidates. Ensure that your online application portal is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and free of unnecessary barriers or technical glitches. Simplify the application form by asking for only essential information upfront, and allow candidates to upload their résumé and cover-letter documents seamlessly. Also, provide clear instructions and guidance throughout the process, and communicate transparently about the selection timeline and next steps. 

By completing these tasks, you can create a positive application experience that helps attract top talent to your organization.

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Recruiting qualified young professionals for adjuster careers requires a deliberate approach. If you follow the strategies outlined in this article, you can help ensure that your organization has a skilled claims-adjusting workforce for years to come.



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