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Inside magicplan

magicplan NOW integrates with Xactimate®!


Send your magicplan sketches to Xactimate® in seconds with our brand new integration.


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Submit claims faster and cheaper than competitors, with instant floor plans. Export sketches directly to Xactimate® with just one click, no manual file upload required.*

  • Instant integration
  • No waiting time
  • No manual ESX file upload required

Fill in the form below and learn how you can start leveraging the integration TODAY:



instant floor plans (AR, AI, and LiDAR)

no waiting time

faster submission & lower cost per claim

❌ drawing floor plans by hand

❌ waiting around for clunky digital plans to be ready

Visit to learn more about the integration.

*Subject to additional charge. Contact our sales team to learn more.

We constantly want to improve magicplan. Please ask questions, give feedback, and share your ideas. We’re always happy to connect with members of our community.