magicplan: a groundbreaking improvement for GroundWorks™

Bernd Wolfram
Bernd Wolfram
Sep 2, 2019 | 1 minute read


"With the addition of magicplan to our current mobile technology we have the capability to complete full floor plans for our inspection product compared to our current footprint sketches. magicplan has been a pleasure to work with."

Brett Karol, Vice President of GroundWorks


GroundWorks™ combines state-of-the-art, mobile property inspection technology, crowdsourcing of local inspectors nationwide, and 25+ years of expertise to deliver faster, lower cost, more accurate interior and exterior property inspections. GroundWorks is part of an industry-leading suite of real estate appraisal, title and compliance technology, and services provided through Accurate Group, LLC.

The Problem

GroundWorks™ works with a panel of independent, local inspectors across the U.S. GroundWorks™ provides specifications for standardized inspections, including required sketches. In its pursuit of a best-in-class solution Groundworks sought a mobile technology creation tool that would enable inspectors to draw full floor plans accurately through their mobile device and laser measuring tool.


The Solution

magicplan the app offered GroundWorks™ the ability to use technology to create full floor plans. Immediately after a local inspector has downloaded the app, they were good to create floor plans on the spot, simply with the inspector’s mobile device. magicplan is easy to use and intuitive to handle. In addition, magicplan supported inspectors with initial custom demos. By connecting laser measuring tools via Bluetooth GroundWorks™ can provide full floor plans with accuracy.

 The Result

With magicplan, local GroundWorks™ inspectors can create floor plans on site providing another benefit to Groundworks current inspection technology.


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