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Embrace the Cloud for Restoration Projects

Embracing the Cloud

The importance of cloud storage in business cannot be overemphasized. If you manage a restoration company that’s NOT using business cloud storage, you’re missing out on some important benefits. The act of embracing cloud technology offers your company a competitive edge by enabling greater security, more flexibility and improved collaboration. All of that can translate into better optimized operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a way of positioning your company as a modern and innovative business.


Why magicplan is Your Ideal Tool for Embracing the Cloud

The magicplan app has already proven to be an ideal restoration tool, because it lets you visualize, plan, estimate and report on restoration projects. In fact, its multi-functional design is a huge reason why the app is so popular.

Yet, as if that’s not enough, the magicplan app also helps you embrace and benefit from cloud technology. That’s because it comes with an optional feature called “magicplan Cloud.” This feature can be very useful for your restoration business! In fact, the key advantage of magicplan Cloud is that it allows you to access projects with any web browser and from multiple devices – or even while using a desktop computer. 

You’ll be glad to know it’s user-friendly, intuitive and fast – just like the magicplan app. But magicplan Cloud also gives you extra security, versatility, and collaborative powers. So, let’s take a closer look…

9 Ways You Can Use the magicplan Cloud

  1. Back up your projects

The magicplan Cloud provides secure cloud storage for business purposes. Choose between manual or automatic backup depending on your workflow and needs. Automatic backup will mean that all the changes you complete are immediately uploaded to the magicplan Cloud as soon as you exit a room, floor, or project. 

  1. View your projects in 2D, 3D and elevation view from any device or desktop computer

Using magicplan Cloud gives you instant access to all documents you have created and saved with magicplan, including checklists, floor plans, reports and estimates. That means you can pull up a file anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is log into your magicplan Cloud account, and then pull up a specific project with a few quick clicks. This is a great capability to have, whether you’re at the office, working from home, laboring at a local job site, or operating at a distant location while doing remote contractor work.

a magicplan 3D floor plan shown on a desktop computer monitor 

  1. Upload and save any changes you make to a project

While you cannot edit a project in the magicplan Cloud, you CAN complete edits by using the magicplan app. Then simply upload your updated project to the cloud, either manually or automatically. That way you know your changes are saved in the cloud and, therefore, accessible from any device or desktop computer.

Even if you have to use magicplan in ‘offline mode’ on your device (say, in a remote location without an Internet connection), you don’t have to worry about losing any changes to a project if you have enabled automatic updating. Changes will be stored locally on your device whenever you exit out of a room, floor or project. And then once you have Internet access again, your changes will automatically synchronize to the magicplan Cloud.


SEE IT IN ACTION: Brand New Floor Plan Editor in the magicplan app 


  1. Export projects

You can export your projects effortlessly in multiple formats with just a few clicks. 

  1. Share projects with other magicplan users

It’s easy to share a copy of any floor plan via email for other magicplan users to view. All you have to do is open the project you want to share, complete a few clicks, then tap “Send.” Your recipient will receive an email right away, and will be able to access the floor plan through a link (as long as they are using a device that has the magicplan app installed). 

  1. Comment and collaborate on projects

 The commenting mode in magicplan Cloud allows you to share feedback and discuss project changes. You can do this by simply clicking on an object, room or floor to begin a comment thread. The feature is currently in BETA and is available in the magicplan app and magicplan Cloud for everyone, regardless of subscription tier. And it’s super versatile! Look at everything you can do:

  • Add comments related to the floor plan or specific objects
  • Move comments within the floor plan
  • Answer to comments from others
  • Mention others in comments
  • Mark comments as resolved or unread
  • Increase and improve collaboration among Google Workspaces and within Microsoft Teams

 These capabilities make it easier for restoration teams to work together, even if they are spread across different locations. This improves communication and collaboration.


 WATCH HOW IT WORKS: Commenting on Magicplan


  1. Create and edit price lists and custom forms

Price Lists have been a part of magicplan for a long time. And there are two ways to create those: with our traditional method, or our cloud method. The traditional method involves using the magicplan app along with Microsoft Excel. The cloud method, in comparison, is a bit different. It involves using the ‘Price List Manager’ in magicplan Cloud. That feature enables you to create and manage your price lists online in the cloud, and it comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. 

  1. Capitalize on magicplan's API and Integrations functionality

This functionality enables you to interface magicplan Cloud with other software solutions.  

  1. Update your billing information

Edit your billing details and payment method directly in the magicplan Cloud.


Embracing the cloud with magicplan can be a transformative step for your restoration company. It enables you to amplify convenience, security, productivity and effortless collaboration – all worthwhile benefits that will help you boost your business. The magicplan Cloud really is the best cloud storage for small business, medium business and large business needs in the restoration industry!