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Inside magicplan

magicplan builds on Apple’s ARKit to change the $420bn home improvement industry for good.

L1008283Home improvement and DIY remain the last frontier in shifting offline to online sales. The $420bn home improvement and construction material market stays an offline domain.

Ecommerce sales of retailers like The Home Depot are in the small single digits. Amazon is slowly entering this market by selling tools but still in small numbers compared to traditional retailers. The market of home improvement and construction material has been even less impacted. What does it need to shift this market to ecommerce?

The game changer: magicplan and Apple ARKit

A floor plan contains all the dimensions of a house and can be the foundation for estimating DIY or home improvement projects. magicplan lets user create dimensioned floor plans without actively measuring or drawing. Instead the app captures a room with its Augmented Reality technology. This technology is built on Apple’s ARKit. The ARKit is the outstanding feature of iOS 11. It calculates the position of a device in real time. Therefore, magicplan user now can move freely while capturing their plans. Hidden corners or obstacles are no more an issue.

A plan for efficient online orders

Via the floor plan, magicplan allows estimating DIY or home improvement costs and materials in a matter of minutes. magicplan automatically computes the required amount of materials, like paint or flooring, and costs based on the plan dimensions. Afterwards users order their needed materials within the app. The three steps floor plan creation, material estimation and direct material order allow efficient online orders of home improvement and construction material for the first time.

The revolution of the construction materials market

Using the possibilities of Apple’s ARKit magicplan will revolutionize the home improvement and construction material market. magicplan is the missing piece that links the offline craftsmen and DIY world with the ecommerce sector. The last frontier in ecommerce will be teared down by magicplan as the app is about to change the shopping behavior of DIYers, craftsmen and construction companies through usability, efficiency and reliability.