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Customer Story

A conversation with SKP Immobilien

SKP immobilien GMBH's managing director, Philipp Kuhn

SKP Immobilien is a trusted partner for property valuation. With over 10 years of service experience, SKP Immobilien aims to become Germany's leading provider of living space calculation and floor plan drawing. In a recent conversation with Philipp Kuhn, Managing Director at SKP Immobilien, he explained how the company uses magicplan to streamline their property valuation processes.

Philipp, what is your role at SKP?

I am the sole managing director.

Can you briefly introduce SKP?

With over 10 years of valuable service experience, we are currently transitioning away from the appraisal business. Our exclusive focus now lies on residential area calculation and floor plan drawing. As we expand our operations throughout Germany, our goal is to establish ourselves as the future market leader in this field.

How long have you been working with magicplan?

We have been magicplan customers for over 10 years and can perfectly meet the needs of our customers with magicplan.

How long did it take you to fully integrate our system?

It took about 2 weeks of continuous use to understand and apply the basic features properly.

How did you hear about us?

We heard about magicplan from a partner company that spoke highly of the software.

How did you familiarize yourself with the app?

We taught ourselves the software and became familiar with all its features. From the first month, we were able to produce 25-50 floor plans and property surveys per workspace member.

How did you work before?

Very traditionally, with pen and paper.

What are the benefits of using magicplan?

Using magicplan sets you apart from the competition and allows you to immediately show the customer a 1:1 floor plan. With magicplan, you provide the customer with more security and quality.

How do customers respond?

magicplan is received very well by our customers because they can see where the deviations are and do not have to wait 1-2 weeks to see (first) results. With magicplan, the customer can see the actual condition on site and our employees can immediately discuss details with them. This is extremely well received and sets us apart from our competitors.

What are the time savings associated with using the app?

Approximately 50% project-related savings compared to using pen and paper. The digital creation of the plan makes post-processing much faster.

What is the most important feature for you?

The lock function is very important and helpful for us. This is something that cannot be done with pen and paper.

Describe your workflow.

The customer gives us the order, and we pack a laser meter and the tablet with magicplan and set off. We go from room to room and measure everything with the laser, and then assemble all the spaces in the building-block system. After discussing the plan with the customer, it is immediately sent to the office, where the experts can continue working with the plan. This alone is a tremendous time saver. Cross-departmental work has become much more efficient with magicplan.

How long does an inventory typically take for you?

On average, a trained employee needs about 30 minutes for 100 square meters. Our employees do not leave the appointment until the floor plan is completed. The 30 minutes also include doors and windows. It's hard to imagine it being any faster or more accurate. Not only is using a pen and paper much less secure, but it also takes much longer. This approach has been very well received by our customers.

What made you subscribe?

One selling point for us is creating an architecturally approximate floor plan that we need, along with precise dimensions that we can remove if necessary. We also provide the client with the floor plan without dimensions, which a real estate agent can use perfectly for their advertisements and property websites. This is certainly a great asset that we can offer our customers through magicplan. This possibility was definitely a door opener for us, plus we get the floor plans in PDF and DXF - that is important for us.

Do you also work with the cloud?

Not in daily business, but the cloud is very practical if an employee is on vacation, for example, and you need to access an old plan. We often use the cloud for this purpose so that the office can easily access the plans for any inquiries. It is also great that you can divide the access rights by employee and not have to give or take away all rights from everyone. 

What makes magicplan special?

The speed of the application.

How would you describe us in one word?

Future-oriented / Ahead of its time.

For industry newcomers and companies with a small investment who want to make a name for themselves, it is an absolute must-have.


Thank you so much, Philipp at SKP Immobilien!



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