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Customer story

A conversation with brasa GmbH St. Ingbert

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Introducing the trailblazers: Michael Sieg, Managing Director, and Dirk Steinmann, Head of the Drying Department at brasa GmbH St. Ingbert. With a legacy since 1992, Brasa Schadenmanagement stands tall as a respected medium-sized full-service provider, excelling in fire, water, mold, and environmental damage solutions across the Saarland region. Our exclusive interview with them reveals the game-changing impact of magicplan on their operational prowess.

How many employees are there in the company?

Michael: brasa GmbH St. Ingbert has 40 employees across all divisions. All project managers in the company work with magicplan. 

What is the workflow with magicplan?

Dirk: The damage is reported to us by the customer or the insurance company. Immediately after, one of our employees heads to the damage address and starts the sketching with magicplan. In the floor plan, measurement points, a moisture meter, and other data are included to make the plan as comprehensive as possible. After completing and reviewing the plan, it is processed in our system and forwarded to the insurance company for approval.

After receiving approval from the insurance company, the craftsmen are then cleared to begin their work at the construction site. For this, they are assigned the plan already created in magicplan, with any additional remarks, as needed. This ensures that the colleagues know what to do.

How did you hear about us?

Michael: I heard about magicplan from one of my colleagues. However, magicplan was not used as a company-wide software. As soon as I took over the management of brasa GmbH St. Ingbert, I immediately introduced magicplan and have not regretted it once. 

How long does it take to onboard you and your employees? How do you train your staff?

Dirk: There's a funny story about that. Michael and I were stuck at the airport for 3 hours due to delays and used the time to familiarise ourselves with the app. After scanning the entire waiting area of Hamburg Airport, we were ready to use magicplan as the number one tool in brasa GmbH St. Ingbert. And before you knew it, three hours had flown by with lots of fun.

The onboarding of the employees is speedy. We don't use any auxiliary materials, but instead download magicplan on the employee's device and stick to 'learning by doing'. Right now, it's going great. Our team finds it easy to work with magicplan.

What is the feedback from the employees?

Michael: Our employees are very enthusiastic about magicplan. Our people enjoy working with the software, and we have never received any negative feedback. Also the feedback from insurance companies, surveyors, and field adjusters has been nothing but positive, a solid 100%.

How much time do you think the app saves you in your daily work?

Michael: While time savings are evident, the most impactful change lies in the improved quality of our administrative tasks. The quality is much better, and our workflow is smoother than before. A common thread runs through all our departments, resulting in a noticeable enhancement in the quality of our work.

Do you also work with the magicplan Cloud?

Michael: Yes, the Cloud is essential for the project overview and the administrative staff in the office. We work in the Cloud every day and find our way around very well, and onboarding was also effortless here because everything is logically structured. 

How would you describe magicplan in one word?

Dirk + Michael: Professional.


Thank you so much, Michael and Dirk at Brasa GmbH!




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