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Customer story

How magicplan Became an Essential Part of Our Toolkit: A conversation with BELFOR

 Belfor germany Customer Story - Business Systems manager, Laars Diehl of Belfor Germany in the photo

Meet the innovator: Laars Diehl serves as the Business Systems Manager in the Water Damage & Leak Detection Division at Belfor Germany. Additionally, he is tasked with advancing operational processes, particularly through the adoption of new technologies and IT solutions. Join us as we delve into how his leadership and strategic vision leverage magicplan to transform Belfor Germany's operational efficiency and service delivery.

How did you hear about us?

Four years ago, we came across magicplan at a trade show while seeking enhancements for our digital damage documentation processes, which involved project managers using cameras and tablets.

Over the past three years, we've been deeply engaged in collaborative development with magicplan, acting as both a client and an equal partner. Our involvement has extended to sharing feedback at the annual magicplan Industry Forum, where we receive insightful updates on software developments. This collaboration has led to numerous customizations and developments within magicplan, with our team providing valuable contributions from the early stages of development—a process we greatly appreciate.

Our partnership with magicplan is characterized by mutual respect and responsiveness. We are in a constant state of evolution, presenting ideas which magicplan promptly assesses for feasibility and implementation timelines, creating a highly positive dynamic. Despite requesting many features, we understand the complexities involved, especially for providers in fire and water damage restoration seeking versatile solutions.

How many people work with magicplan?

Currently, 271 employees utilize magicplan, a figure that is likely to increase as BELFOR continues to expand and upgrade digitally. We are always evolving, and magicplan has emerged as our preferred tool for conducting damage assessments across all scenarios.

Could you describe your typical workflow process?

We start by capturing customer data in the ERP system. Thanks to the integration with magicplan, we can directly transfer the customer data into the project within magicplan, ensuring the project manager has all the necessary contacts without needing to input anything manually. The project manager is assigned a schedule and, upon opening magicplan, automatically finds the project ready for their next visit. After inspecting the site and conducting the assessment, the data is automatically sent back to our filing system and archived. In the digital archive, both the project manager and the administrative staff can access the floor plans from the cloud. Employees can access all the data to create offers based on other documentation such as quotes or custom forms. Additionally, the integration makes the documentation more user-friendly with specially created annotations.

How quickly can new employees get up to speed with the App, and what does your training process look like?

For basic functionalities, we utilize magicplan's e-learning platform along with our internal training materials to cover essential topics. This is supplemented by hands-on training during the onboarding phase. Overall, the initial training lasts about 8 hours, enabling users to become proficient with magicplan within a week. A key focus of our training is to alleviate any uncertainties and encourage practical experimentation with the tool.

What has been the feedback from the employees?

The users are extremely enthusiastic. They report a significant reduction in their workload – the feedback from our stakeholders and customers has been outstanding.

What time savings does magicplan offer?

From a subjective standpoint – not measured objectively – it significantly saves time each day. Depending on the project size, this can quickly increase to several hours. With consistent use, all work is completed on-site with magicplan, eliminating the old method of initial paper-based work on-site followed by additional work in the office.

Do you also use the magicplan Cloud?

Absolutely - we use the Cloud for every project, from start to finish.

magicplan in one word?

Cool ;-) (Awesome stuff, but that's two words)

magicplan is an incredibly cool tool that delivers tremendous benefits, a sentiment echoed by many leading industry counterparts in Germany. Our daily operations heavily focus on efficiency, and leveraging the vast capabilities of magicplan transforms it into an exceptionally potent instrument. While navigating its extensive features, one might find themselves exploring more than anticipated – and that's meant in the best way possible.


Thank you so much, Laars Diehl and Belfor Germany!



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