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magicplan: streamlining the process of renovation projects

b&o"By using magicplan, we're on track to getting projects approved within 45 minutes. Before, it took us up to three weeks."

Florian Galster, B&O Group

B&O is one of the biggest renovation and maintenance companies in Germany. With more than 2000 craftsmen, B&O maintains over 600,000 apartments and finishes over 40,000 renovation projects per year. The company is located at over 30 locations in Germany. B&O is on a mission to maintain and create affordable housing.

The Problem

B&O customers had to get quotations from different specialist craftsmen. Let’s take the renovation of a bathroom: for the installation of the washbasin, an installer had to draw up the cost estimate. For the tiles, a tiler had to do the job. And an electrician had to be called in for all the sockets and lines to be laid. For B&O, lots of time passed before all the cost estimates had been put together. This slowed down the renovation process and was highly ineffective. But, of course, customers also had to wait for their renovated homes.

The Solution

B&O integrated the floor plan app magicplan into its workflow. With magicplan, B&O craftsmen were able to easily create cost estimates on site – for all trades, completely digital and fully automated. On their first site visit, they created floor plans on the spot. Based on the floor plan the app calculated materials and costs of their next project.

Let‘s go back to the bathroom example: Once the craftsman has created the floor plan with magicplan, he selects the washbasin to be installed within the app. He then uses magicplan to calculate how many tiles he needs, based on floor plan data. The app automatically adds work steps such as installing the underlayment. Then he enters all the sockets to the floor plan and marks those that are to be replaced. He has created a cost estimate for all the different trades by himself and orders the required materials directly on site.

The Result

B&O employees use magicplan every day to create complete quotations and order materials directly on site. This streamlines the process of renovation projects. By using magicplan, the company is on track to getting projects approved within 45 minutes. Before, it took up to three weeks. Time savings for B&O are enormous.

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